Monday, January 19, 2009

It's been called: the Era of O'Bama

It's been called the Era of O'Bama: "My Country Tis of Thee, Land of the O'Bama Family, of thee I sing".

As of now, that's President Barack O'Bama.

First brought into the national public eye immediately after the 9/11/2001 disaster/tragedy, Barack shortly became in quick succession: Senator, Committee Leader, Presidential Hopeful, Candidate in Last Position, Rising Candidate, Winning Democratic Candidate, Back to Presidential Hopeful, then Leading Candidate, then President Elect.

In only 7 short years, Barack O'Bama went from Chicago Landlord Lawyer and Inner City Democratic Party Vote Organizer and SubPrime Loan / Acorn Promoter, to the highest office in the land and Leader of the Free World, with only three years of actual Senatorial experience.

Never before in the History of the United States has any candidate risen that quickly from being a businessman lawyer to President of the United States.

Part of the reason for his success was the weakness of other candidates. Hilary Clinton suffered from a scattered backing and weak public performances, and even less experience or demonstrated potential than she might have, the former first lady, and her husband Bill Clinton seems to have become something of a liability.

John McCaine, with skeletons in his closet about his alleged disposession of Natives from his home state of Arizona in Coal for Beer deals with the Las Vegas and Tahoe crowd: and his weak overall public speaking prowess, and age limited appearance of vitality, paled by comparison, ending up with a decent showing, but losing by a substantial margin. Public attacks on Governor Sarah Palin, his running mate, by a Press stage manipulated to promote O'Bama at any expense by the Oil Industry owners of those many TV and Radio and News Outlets, were orchestrated from the Board Room to undermine Clinton and McCaine.

So what was the appeal? Why all the rush to summon up images of "Kennedy Camalot"/"O'Bama Bamalot" comparing Michelle O'Bama to Jackie Kennedy? The imagery was quite clear, a young president, and first lady, Chicago Rockefeller Business backing (as in David Rockefeller, Jr., John D. Rockefeller, Senator, and the rest of the erstwhile 150 richest people on the planet), a Kennedy image in the making.

Since more money is made by business by dividing people than by uniting them, could it possibly be that there is a hidden agenda afoot?

The ACSA at the outset of Barack O'Bama's candidacy, predicted he'd win by a mid margin and that eventually, the financial resources who had backed him, would attempt to orchestrate an assassination or extremely pro-African American, anti-Caucasian American subdivision over his policies, or both, in an effort to divide White and Black America apart even further, further defining "cheap labor" for their businesses as 'black and minority labor', and further suppressing the middle class, redirecting its wealth to the upper class of, well, Rockefeller Family allies which permeate the top 4% of this country's wealth.

By making the removing of the US Military from Iraq and stiffening the resistance in Afghanistan to draw troops off even quicker, the Iraqi Government will strive to make alliances to protect its oil wealth and nation against a world full of sharks. In every other oil rich country in the world, the rules of the Red Line Agreement were imposed, and each country eventually conceeded a 40% tithe payment to the Rockefellers to distribute, pool, auction, refine and sell their petroleum products globally through a vast network of oil wealth distribution belonging to the erstwhile 150 members of the family. Today, Iraq distributes its wealth between and among its tribes. Will it, seeing itself no longer having American military presence to protect it in the near future, make the infamous Red Line type deal with the Rockefellers? It seems fairly likely.

Will there be an assassination attempt? The ACSA and CCUAT hopes not: we will support the President in any way we can, informationally, personally and presidentially. We pray for the safety of the O'Bama family, this country does not need another Presidential tragedy, atop everything else it would be devastating.

Nevertheless, ACSA and the CCUAT organization have been predicting the takeover of Iraq's oil by the top ten oil companies (or one of them anyway) under Rockefeller family control, once President Bush and the American Military were out of the way, for eight years now. So we do expect that to happen. Whichever oil company gets the deal, expect it's stock to skyrocket and the US Economy right along with it. Invest wisely.

Getting a Barack O'Bama elected requires a very claustrophobic economy which is squeezed into believing there is no real war on terrorism, agrees with Mr. O'Bama that our military in Iraq is inappropriate and that the Economy is the first and foremost instigation for fear in every American Household. So we've just had one of the biggest manipulations of the American Economy foisted upon us by that one and same group of the top 4% wealthy in this Country, just so they could gain access to Iraq's trillion or so barrels of oil wealth and other derivative things (such as control over a pipeline from Russia to India and the continued confrontations of Pakistan vs. India, Palestinians vs Israel, and so on).

Because Barack O'Bama DOES NOT (as he has stated publicly to remove them from Iraq) support American Military Security in Iraq, the threat to the Iraqis self-security will become so great to the fledgling democracy that arranging a concession with the all wealthy Rockefellers will be "an automatic" for them, ACSA believes. The Rockefellers do not just buy into everyone's oil and get a concession, they sell protection. That's what they were selling to Saddam Hussein, selling him protection in the form of Pakistani Nuclear Weapons, in exchange for a 40% concession on Hussein's oil, when President Bush and the US Military barged in on the "Rock's" little garden party with Saddam, and broke up the celebrations.

Those powers that be like to dangle hope in the very faces of Americans, in this case the left, the Democrats and a lot of very hopeful and supporting Black Americans, and then YANK IT RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER its most hopeful advocates and supporters, by implementing a coup,a scandal, assassination or incessent press political undermining by everyone from Keith Obermann to David Letterman. The end of his political reputation (much as they attacked Bush) only lurks around that next corner where in his unwitting youthfulness, Barack O'Bama steps inadvertently over that invisible line in the sand where the super wealthy will no longer support his 'uppity' ness, using their terminology for him if he ever does cross it. If he ever goes too far over that line, who knows what they'll do to him.

They are not known for their patience.


What do you think will happen next? What will be President O'Bama's first moves in office, his first moves with respect to the Economy, will he, like Bill Clinton before him, consider his first family to be an extension of the Rockefeller lineage of his past?

Express your opinion...